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Since last two decades our company is offering Repair & Maintenance services to Refineries & Pipelines. Apart from repair services we are undertaking Erection and commissioning of any Type of equipments. 

We provide Inhouse / onsite services to our customer’s along with the spares which can be manufactured with our in house machining facilities resulting into minimum breakdown time.

In short we are providing Total Industrial Solutions to our valuable customers.

Unloading Of Heavy Machinery Installation & Commissioning Services
Hydro Static Pressure Testing Services Installation & Commissioning Services

fabrication Services

Repair & Maintenance Services

We are providing Insitu Cylinder Liner Honing services for Marine engines.

Why deglazing and Honing is required to Cylinder Liner ?

1) Increase service-life of liners, rings and pistons
Regular deglazing of the liners is of major importance for Increasing service-life of liners, rings and pistons.

2) Reduce risk of blow-by and seizure
Oval wear in cylinder liners can be rectified and prevented by Regular honing. The honing also produces an adequate running Surface thereby reducing “wear-in” time of new piston rings.

3) Reduce lub-oil consumption
Restoring good liner characteristics makes it possible to control Lub-oil consumption and save substantial costs. Lubricators on 2- stroke engines can be kept at original settings and the oil Consumption in 4-stroke engines gets markedly reduced.

4) Removes ovality
The four honing arms are connected to the central shaft. In an
Oval liner the small diameter will be honed up to the large diameter,
Restoring circular shape.

Insitu Cylinder Liner Honing Services