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Our 12000 Sq.ft machine floor is equipped with the state of the art Technology machines like CNC Turn-mill machine, CNC Spiral Bevel Gear generator, Conventional Gear Generator, Automatic Lathe machine, Drilling & Tapping machine, Bar stock cutting machine, Hydraulic press, Insitu Honing Machine, Metal Spray Equipment Radial Drill etc.

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CAD Facility

We are having in house facility for designing of products with the help of CAD. Due to which product under development is virtually created for better manufacturing process and highest accuracy level.

Inspection facility

For maintaining the quality of the product, we have temperature controlled inspection room with precision measuring instruments.

Assembly Division

It is equipped with hydrotesting and Shrink fitting facility and precision Tools and tackles for assembly of the products.

Repair & Maintenance shop

It is equipped Hydraulic press, Metal spray equipment, Overhead crane etc for carrying repair and maintenance jobs.