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Sewing Machine Gears

Since 1982 our company is manufacturing Spiral Bevel Gears for Sewing Machines & Powertools and  our  Brand “NECO”  is  very  much  popular  due  its quality & long service life. Our gears are preferred by most of the OEM’s & quality sewing machine manufacturer’s in India.

Design of our gears is based on Gleason style gear cutting technology and our shop floor is equipped with CNC Spiral Bevel Gear Generator to get the optimum quality of the product.

Our production capacity is one million gears per annum and shop floor is equipped with Software for gear design, quality testing instruments etc.

We are proud to be market leader in Spiral Bevel Gears for Indian Sewing Machine Industry.


Gears for 103 K Type (Set of 4 Pcs) Gears for 130 K Type (Set of 2 Pcs)
Gears for 130 K Type (Set of 4 Pcs) Gears for Juki Sewing Machine
Gears for Singer Fashion Maker Gears for Singer Rotomatic
Gears for Singer Rotomatic Sewing Machine Gear - 1
Sewing Machine Gear - 2 Sewing Machine Gear - 3
Sewing Machine Gear - 4 Sewing Machine Gear - 5
Sewing Machine Gear - 6 Sewing Machine Gear - 7
Sewing Machine Gear - 8 Sewing Machine Gear - 9
Sewing Machine Gear - 10 Sewing Machine Gear - 11